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Advertising on Waze for Real Estate: FAQ

What is Waze?

Waze is a Google-owned, community-run navigation app that consumers use to arrive at their destinations. Mostly used by drivers, Waze provides turn-by-turn instructions and includes user-submitted information that updates on a regular basis.

User-submitted information? Like what?

Users can alert fellow users when there’s been a car crash, traffic is rampant or police are on their route. Users can comment and give specifics or endorse fellow Wazers’ updates to give them credibility. Past user-submitted data, the app uses GPS technology to find ways to get users to their destinations more quickly than the route they’re on — it will ask if they want to redirect to it, eliciting a response.

So Waze users are looking at their phones a lot?

Yes. Between the route they’re on, the developing information they’re receiving and other updates, Waze users rely on their phones while they’re on the road.

That sounds great for advertising. 

Wow, you beat us to the punch. It is great for advertising, especially hyperlocal ads. Waze may not be the first app you think of when you go to advertise something, but it certainly is a perfect use case for real estate advertising. If you want to geotarget your ads, there’s likely no better host than Waze. You can direct people to your open house or just get your name out there to people who are geographically in your sphere. 

What types of Waze ads are there?

When you advertise on Waze, you can select one of three options:

  • Pin ads
    • With these, your location will show up to nearby drivers. You can include a logo and information like your hours, address and contact information. 
  • Search ads
    • These help you cut the line when nearby Waze users head to search for a destination. 
  • Zero-speed ads
    • When users come to a full stop for at least three seconds, they’ll be shown a zero-speed ad, which is basically a banner that can redirect users to your address. 

What is the best Waze ad type for real estate agents?

You can’t go wrong with any of these. To prove you’re a great real estate agent, you want your digital presence as widespread as makes sense, and all three of these ad types put you on the map and show prospects you’re a tech-savvy real estate agent with expertise — if you can advertise to them, you can advertise for them.

What are the benefits and setbacks of each Waze ad type?

  • Pin ads are non-invasive and great for brand awareness. They show up organically on someone’s route, which is perfect for driving extra interest if someone is roaming neighborhoods for open houses or potentially looking to buy. 
  • Search ads are useful because you can catch people who don’t even know where they want to go yet. If you’re hosting an open house, this is the place to advertise it and get some immediate traction. 
  • Zero-speed ads are a good mix of the previous two: a great way to attract locals to your area and get yourself on the map. For real estate agents, owning your area is hugely important when it comes to your digital footprint, and there are few ways more efficient than these.

Is there a way to track how well my Waze ads are doing?

There sure is. Waze offers you an analytics dashboard through which you can monitor your ads’ progress. You can see how many views, clicks and navigation redirects you get — among other statistics.

Should Waze be the only place I advertise?

No. Waze ads should be used in concert with ads on other sites, like Facebook, Google, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn and more. You don’t need to be advertising on all of those, but Facebook and Google are the most common places to start. 

How much is a Waze ad?

According to Waze’s site, if you spend $10/day for a month on Waze’s budget-friendly Starter package (suitable for 1-10 locations), your average monthly reach will be 150,000. 

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