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3 Easy Ways to Stay Relevant Online

In today’s increasingly internet-focused real estate market, finding new and creative ways to make a name for yourself online can start to feel like a full-time job in itself. To help you separate yourself from the pack, we’ve assembled a list of 3 easy ways you can supercharge your digital marketing efforts, engage your audience, and stay at the front of people’s minds.

1. Post frequently on your organic social channels

If you’re reading this blog, you’ve likely heard about the nebulous “algorithm” by now. Every major social network uses their own algorithm to “decide” what pieces of content you see when you scroll down your newsfeed, and nobody knows exactly how the algorithm sorts through your content and online behavior. 

One thing we do know, though, is that all algorithms reward you for posting regularly by showing your content to a wider audience than would otherwise see your posts. Whether you’re posting twice a week or twice a day, maintaining a steady posting cadence is a surefire way to get your content in front of your audience more reliably.

A graphic illustrating some of the factors influencing Facebook's algorithm.

What does that mean for you? Posting cadences and schedules will look different for every agent, but as a general rule, we’d recommend posting 2-3 times every day, regardless of your chosen platforms. The content doesn’t have to be in-depth or thoroughly researched, but it should be engaging enough for people to pause while they’re scrolling. 

Whether you’re giving people a look at a brand-new listing or engaging with your audience by asking for responses to an open-ended question, posting frequently on social media energizes your audience and builds your following — for free!

2. Run Facebook awareness ads on a regular schedule

We’re big fans of Facebook advertising, and Facebook’s awareness ads are the perfect solution for agents looking to build their online profile and stay top of mind. With little more than some short copy and a compelling image, you can assemble an ad that will circulate to thousands of people throughout your farming area.

When writing the copy for your new awareness ads, spend some quality time thinking about what sets you apart from other agents. Do you have extensive experience working with military families? Are you an expert on the landscape in your farming area? Do you have a host of great reviews on your Google Business profile? Call those out in the copy of your post, then encourage users to click through your ad to learn more about you, your business, or your newest listing. 

Your imagery should set your ad apart as well. Some agents might choose to feature a beautiful new listing in their awareness ads, while others might choose to use some simple design software to create an informational graphic.

An example of a Facebook Awareness ad.

Here’s something many agents might not know: The posting cadence we mentioned earlier should apply to your ads, too. Facebook in particular will give your ads better placement if you’re running them consistently, leading to increased reache and stronger return on your advertising investment. 

You don’t have to run ads every single day, but you should at least be putting a little bit of money into advertising every week so you can optimize your marketing budget. Don’t forget: Facebook machine learning can help optimize your ads, but it needs a good amount of data from extended campaigns to really succeed. 

3. Claim (and optimize) your Google My Business Profile

If you’re a regular reader, this won’t come as a surprise to you: After all, we’ve spent the past few months letting you know just how important it is to flesh out and claim your Google Business Profile. This easy-to-maintain tool can take a Google search from this:

A screenshot of a blank Google SERP.

To this:

A screenshot of a Google SERP with a claimed GMB profile.

The combination of photos, contact information, and reviews from past clients in one easily accessible place is a hugely beneficial tool for any agent, especially when it comes to building awareness and staying visible in an increasingly crowded digital marketplace. You can’t just “set and forget” your Google Business Profile, though: Google requires users to keep their Google Business Profiles updated if they want their profile seen by searchers online.

If this all sounds overwhelming, don’t worry: The easiest things to add to your Google Business Profile (photos and reviews) are also the most impactful. When adding photos to your Business Profile, be sure to select listing photos that are both current and well-shot. The photos you add will appear prominently within your Google Business Profile, and centering beautiful photography is a surefire way to make a great first impression while engaging in some subtle brand building. 

Adding reviews to your Google Business Profile requires a little more work, but the payoff is well worth the legwork. You can reach out to past prospects in any way that works for you, whether that’s reaching out through your CRM or a hand-crafted email. Just a single response makes a massive difference: In fact, new research suggests that agents with just a single review on their Google Business Profile receive a 71% lift in profile views! 


What is organic social media? 

Organic social media refers to any content posted on a social media network that is not the result of an ad or other paid spend.

What should I post on my Google Business Profile? 

When updating your Google Business Profile, think of each new post as an opportunity to highlight a major “win” or a great new listing. You can include photos to draw people in even further, and showing off your accomplishments is a great way to show people that you’re the “real deal.”

Can you include videos in Facebook Ads? 

Absolutely! Check out our guide to Facebook Ad types for an in-depth look at the different ways you can incorporate video in your Facebook awareness ads. 

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